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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools

Download anything you need! All documents we find useful will always be here and are updated regularly. 

Go To Open AI

Navigate to Open AI and explore the world of artificial intelligence at your fingertips. Start here to sign up for and access Chat GPT.

Chat GPT: Zero to Power User Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for all things to consider when using Chat GPT.

Sales Meeting Handout 6/25/24: AI Tools

Handout with notes on AI tools from the sales meeting on Tuesday 6/25/24.

Go To Canva

Navigate to Canva to explore the free version, or pay to upgrade to Canva Pro and have access to all of the AI tools.

Chat GPT: Prompts Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for writing prompts when using Chat GPT, for all types of scenarios

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