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Download anything you need! All documents we find useful will always be here and are updated regularly. 

Equity Northwest Must-Know Items
Profit Share Program Information
IREC Law Book 2022
Fair Housing Word-Phrases NOT TO USE
Create a CMA in Paragon
NAR Pathways to Professionalism
OpCity Performance Tips
How to Handle Your First Commission Check
Innovate Home Warranty Brochure
Fair Housing Word/Phrase List
Sales Meeting 8/15/23 Positive Thinking Article
In Your First 90 Days Checklist
Relocation Service Information
IMLS Rules & Regulations
IMLS Listing Quick Reference Guide
IMLS Collab Center Buyer & Seller
Antitrust Compliance Brochure
179 Ways a REALTOR is Worth Every Penny from NAR
3 Steps Every Agent Should Follow to Manage Their Time
Buyer & Seller Scripts from Innovate Home Warranty
Sales Meeting 10/11/22 on Advertising Compliance Recap
Sales Meeting 10/17/23 NAR Market Outlook Slides by Lawrence
Broker Review Success Checklist
IMLS Rules & Policies FAQ
IMLS Status Definitions
IREC Social Media Advertising Rules
Article 16 NAR Code of Ethics Comprehension
New Agent Guide to Building a Database
Goal Setting for New REALTORS®
Broker Bay FAQ - from IMLS
Sales Meeting Powerpoint PDF 10/25/22 on Dynamic Pricing
Sales Meeting 11/7/23 PDF Packet for Business Planning
Getting Paid Through Equity Checklist
IREC License Law & Rules
IMLS Violation Chart
IMLS Paragon Listing Input Documents
NAR Code of Ethics
Idaho Realtors Legal Hotline Top Questions
Working by Referral
NAR Member Trademark Manual
Sales Meeting 8/15/23 Positive Thinking Worksheet
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